Jeff Rankin Product Designer


Sample design artifacts and product screen captures that exemplify my design style, techniques, and tools (specific tools are noted). All design was conducted as part of a User-Centered Design (UCD) methodology that included user research activities, interaction design, iterative wire-frames/prototypes, and usability evaluation.

Want to see more?  Check out my additional design artifacts page for interaction model diagrams and UI specifications.

Facility & Resource Scheduling

Responsive web, signage, and mobile (iOS and Android) design for EMS Software enabling users to schedule facility space, resources, and services.

Tools included OmniGraffle, Sketch, Invision, and Keynote.

EMS Web App Dashboard
Room Signage
EMS Mobile App

User Research Training

Designed and developed a user research training program for Procter & Gamble GBS. Topics included field studies and one on one interviews, surveys, affinity diagramming, and artifact creation.

Tools included Inkscape and PowerPoint.

User Research Onesheet
Example Persona

Login & Dashboard

A subset of the design work for Outsell's next generation products. A branded login screen and a dashboard for data stewards and system administrators.

Tools included OmniGraffle, Axure, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Branded Login
Digital Salesperson Login
Data Steward/Admin Dashboard

EDI Tool

High-fidelity prototype for Outsell. A tool enabling data stewards to manage and monitor data uploads. Data uploads are associated with templates for processing.

Tools included OmniGraffle, Axure, and Illustrator.

Template Editor
Template Management

Wine Licensing

Redesign of a product enabling vintners to explore compliance laws and cost of shipping to different states. The redesign facilitated dynamic exploration based upon ROI, states fees, and other factors. I also provided interaction design for product/price list tools.

Tools included OmniGraffle, Keynote, and Inkscape.

Wine Shipping ROI Tool
Interaction Model for Products/Price Schedule

Energy Incentive Search

Usability evaluation (expert review) and redesign of a product enabling homeowners and companies to research energy incentive programs available within their state.

Tools included OmniGraffle and Keynote.

Basic Energy Incentive Search
Saved Energy Incentive Programs

Backlog & Story Management

Usability evaluation (expert review) and redesign of a backlog and user story management tool. Recommendations covered both interaction design and visual design.

Tools included OmniGraffle, Keynote, and Inkscape.

Usability Evaluation & Interaction Design Recommendations
Usability Evaluation & Visual Design Recommendations

Clinician Organization Tool

Usability testing and redesign of a tool that helped clinicians (primarily nurses) view their tasks and organize their time and resources.

Tools included Visio and Inkscape.

Task List
Task Timeline