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IpClip allows you to quickly copy random lorem ipsum and other placeholder text to the Mac OS X clipboard for use in wireframes, prototypes, and similar design artifacts. The amount of text is selectable and includes options for a few words, sentences of various lengths, paragraphs, and bulleted lists. There are additional options for names, phone numbers, and price lists.

This version of IpClip was developed using Xcode. The previous AppleScript version is still available as well, although it isn't nearly as nice.


Download & Installation

IpClip is self-contained, so you can put it wherever you want. I put it in the Applications folder.

Using IpClip

My design goal with IpClip was enabling the user to place content on the clipboard with as few clicks or keystrokes as possible. Once the application has focus, one click or keyboard equivalent will do it. It's also possible to run IpClip with the window closed, using it through keyboard equivalents or the menu.

Lorem Ipsum Functions

Additional Random Content

Known Issues

If you find an issue with IpClip, email


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